Totem Hoarder is a card game where two players compete in getting Totem cards into their teams.

Both players take turns getting cards and playing cards.

Totem Hoarder Game Set Up
Totem Hoarder Game Set Up

Get one card

You typically start your turn by drawing a card from the draw pile.

Totem Hoardera action on cards overview

Play one card

Put a card from your hand into your team and do the card’s Action. Then do the bonuses that your card has triggered

You win the game by having 3 Totems and no Spooky Skellies in your team.

Totem Hoarder winning condition
Totem Hoarder loosing condition

You lose if you ever get 4 Spooky Skellies into your team.

Totem Hoarder Rulesheet

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Cards and Effects

Combine a stinger with the Warleader for a devastating double strike.

Fung Puppeteer turns even the most innocent Karp into an aggressive warrior!

Target your opponent and weaken their team.

Or tactically poison your own team to quickly rid it of useless cards!

Convert your opponent's creatures to your side.

Or send over your Spooky Skellies to overwhelm your opponent’s team!

Expand your options and protect yourself from running out of cards.

Prevent your team from clogging up AND get to play the card again later.

Is your opponent hiding a totem in their hand? Send in the Thief. Or combine it with the Mastermind and completely drain your opponent’s hand!

How to play Skellies


When your opponent plays a card, quickly respond by playing a Spooky Skelly. This prevents your opponent from doing the card’s Action or any triggered Bonuses. The opponent may then play another card.


If you get stopped, play a Spooky Skelly of your own and continue your turn as normal. That is unless your opponent stops you again!

Totem Hoarder Spooky Skelly

Getting these powerful cards into your team is how you win the game. Totems work differently than creatures:

Totems are indestructible. Strike an enemy Totem to move it into your team! Totems are especially sensitive to getting Stopped. Stop a Totem and move it into your team!

How to attack a Totem

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Totem Hoarder game