Totem Hoarder is a fun card game
for two players!


Feast your eyes upon the rich artwork
and zany characters!


Flavor text on each card reveals quirky details about everyday life in the land of totems!

Totem Hoarder
Totem Hoarder How to Play

Easy to learn
fun to master

Learn the simple mechanics and combine them into interesting combos!

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We were impressed by the dynamic gameplay and after each game
we immediately wanted to play another round!

– Mitja B.
Na Meji Nevidnega Convention

Totem Hoarder card game

Who will be the first to wield the mystical power of the totems?

In Totem Hoarder, both players assume the roles of two rival archeologists and totem collectors in search of magical totems. The race for these mystic artifacts takes you to a strange and colorful new fantasy land where you’ll meet all sorts of curious creatures.

Totem Hoarder

Get creative with combos!

Countless combinations of cards with tons of replay value! Use strategy and bluffing in order to beat your opponent.

Strategy Card Game

Fun for casual and advanced players

The game requires some wits but you’ll pick up the rules easily. With a lot of combinations and strategies to consider you’ll quickly find yourself immersed in the gameplay. Each creature you will come across will have a special power or ability. Some creatures will help you search for totems or meet new creatures. Others will help you attack and sabotage your rival! Combine the creatures in creative ways and turn them into a dream team of totem hunters, then outsmart, outbluff and beat your rival!

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