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Totem Hoarder is a fast‑paced strategy card duel

Assemble your creatures! Outsmart your opponent! Snatch precious totems!

The most epic duel!

In Totem Hoarder two players assume the roles of rival archeologists and artifact collectors, racing to get magical totems. Assemble a dream team of creatures, set up devastating combos, collect three totems and rule SUPREME!

Totem Hoarder card game setup

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A vibrant fantasy world!

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of totems and meet its colorful inhabitants! All masterfully painted and written by a professional artist.

Get creative with combos!

Two paths to victory and countless card combinations let you win in creative ways! In Totem Hoarder no two games are ever the same.

Totem Hoarder action cards
Totem Hoarder fantasy card game art

Easy to learn, fun to master!

Simple game structure and only a handful of different card effects. All this makes for a smooth learning experience.

Totem Hoarder Roach artwork