Hey! We're Lenart and Oskar Slabe

We have been inventing tabletop games ever since we first got our hands on some loose Magic: The Gathering cards back in grade school. And then we just kept going. Over the years we have played and studied countless tabletop games. We wanted to make a game that lets the players be really creative and find their own play styles. And build an immersive fantasy world. And get rid of any life points or mana that make a game mundane to learn.

So we made Totem Hoarder! An easy-to-learn fantasy card game in a single deck of cards!

Totem Hoarder Creators

The Totem Team

Lenart Slabe

Co-creator, Artist, Writer

Fave Card: The Spooky Skelly. Re-animated skeletons and sabotage never get old.

Oskar Slabe

Co-creator, Graphic Designer

Fave Card: Karp Impostor makes for some of the juiciest combos in the game.

Irena Semenič

Digital Ninja

Fave Card: I find snatching a Totem with a Karp Thief is most satisfactory.

Nino Marčetić

Business Man

Fave Card: My favourite card is Fung Warleader.


Human Resources

Fave Card: Accepts cards in all shapes and forms.