Totem Hoarder Story

Assemble a ragtag team of creatures.

Spoil your rival’s plans

Snatch their precious totems

Two rival archeologists in search of magical totems

In Totem Hoarder, both players assume the roles of two rival archeologists and totem collectors in search of magical totems. The race for these mystic artifacts takes you to a strange and colorful new fantasy land. There you meet all sorts of curious creatures.


Each creature you will come across will have a special power or ability. Some creatures will help you search for totems or meet new creatures. Others will help you attack and sabotage your rival! Combine the creatures in creative ways and turn them into a dream team of totem hunters, then outsmart, outbluff and beat your rival!


Who will be the first to wield the mystical power of the totems?

Assemble a ragtag team of creatures

Totem Hoarder game


Wise and scheming
mushroom hermits

Totem Hoarder game


Street-smart and
slippery bipedal fish

Totem Hoarder game


A spartan tribe of
warlike insect folk

Totem Hoarder game

Spooky Skellies

Eerie and unpredictable
skeletal scoundrels

Spoil your rival’s plans

The basics of Totem Hoarder are easy to learn – each turn you play one card and each card has one special ability. Pretty simple right?


But the game allows you to combine the cards and their powers in countless creative ways. A simple Steal or Hypnotize becomes immensely more powerful when you combine it with other creatures that are already on the table.

Totem Hoarder

This lets you combine cards in all sorts of interesting ways and really get creative with countless combos!

Snatch their precious totems!

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