Totem Hoarder Gameplay

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Totem Hoarder game

Strategy card game for two players

So, you’ve seen the flashy cards and the zany characters and they made you go like “What’s this gosh darn game even about?” and

“How the heck do I play it? Well, here it goes.


Totem hoarder is a card game for two players that requires you to use strategy and bluffing in order to beat your opponent.

How do you win?

You win the game when you get 3 totems into your team and get rid of all Spooky Skellies from your team.

Totem Hoarder How to Play

If you ever get 4 Spooky Skellies into your team, you lose!

Totem Hoarder How to Play

No tokens or mana, just a handful of simple actions and bonuses.

A round of Totem Hoarder takes about 15 minutes!

What’s a team?

Each player has a space in front of them, called their party. Whenever you play a card, you put that card into your party. But beware: a party can only fit 10 cards, so managing your space is crucial!

Tome Hoarder How to Play

If you ever get 4 Spooky Skellies into your party, you lose!

Go team!

Rock ‘n’ roll! When it’s your turn, draw a card, then play a card by putting it into your team. Do the card’s action (if it has one), then do the bonuses in your party that match the card’s color.

Totem Hoarder How to Play

Pretty straightforward, right? As simple as it sounds, this lets you combine cards in all sorts of interesting ways.

Wanna steal a card from your opponent’s hand, then also hypnotize their bodyguard? Feisty!

Or perhaps you’d like to draw two new cards, then draw two more? Thrifty!

How about poisoning your opponent’s entire party, killing their guards, then kidnapping their general? Ha-ha, yes! The possibilities are ENDLESS, I tell you!

And don’t even get me started on Spooky Skellies, who jump into play during your opponent’s turn! Those creepers can completely wreck a carefully calculated combo!

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